Mayong Village Tracking Experience – Putu Artana and Ria

MAYONG VILLAGE TRACKING EXPERIENCE is “Visit a home Family – Putu Artana and Ria” and helping you get the short Walk into the Ricefields and Countryside following by taste the Local Lunch Cooked by Ria in Mayong Village about 19 Kilometers away from central Lovina, North Bali.

Mayong Cultural Walk is Provided for inexperienced hiker and children


Ria and Putu Artana



Price : IDR 300.000/Person (adult) for all experience

  • The Tour Duration about 3,5 hours inclusive lunch time

At the meeting point ( Putu Artana and Ria’s home) we can discuss any special Requirements for you and your group in regards to lunch (optional), dietary needs for example if you are vegetarian or have any allergic etc.

While i take you on a walking tour, my wife Ria she will go to the local markets to buy any ingredients she needs to prepare our lunch.


Putu Artana your guide

Let’s explore to the nature for the Countryside and Ricefields walk with Putu Artana as your personal Guide and as the founder of the tour, Putu Artana will share his knowledge  about the nature and the culture local people





What you will Experience?

  • Ricefields

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Ricefiled is the most scenic panorama for tourist but for us Rice is main food and the major commodity, farming Rice is unique process and cultivate, in this short walking tour you will learn and how was work to rice cultivate.



  • Local Vegetation and tropical plants

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Bali is Riched by the Local vegetations and tropical plants such us clove, rambutan, avocado, jack fruit, cashew, pineapple, cocoa, coffee, mangosteen and many more, along we passing through the nature you will see encounter tropical plants and local vegetation.


  • Observe theLocal life in the countryside

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Observe the local farmer is the countryside where you can feel and see the real local life and see their way of life.




  • Introducing medicine plants, herbs and spices

manfaat-kumis-kucing(2)Natural medicate is the basic knowlegde for local people in the countryside, while the chemical medical is quiet expensive, they still use natural medicine, and you will observe some kind of natural plants use for daily preventive medication

  • Enjoy the local meal ala Ria

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Following the walking tour will return to our home for lunch which has been prepared by my wife Ria, she is an exellent cook and all the food made with love.


A home made authentic balinese lunch pepared by Ria will be waiting for us on our arrival after the walking tour. of course it is all cooked by western standards and will include the Authentic Bumbu Bali ( Balinese food ingredients) fresh produce from the local markets and absolutelly free of MSG (monosodium glutamate).

A special moment, while you enjoy your lunch, Ria will accompany you and chit chat all about the meal you have, our family, local life etc.

Dear Guest, Don’t forget to read our Term and Condition .

Do you want to Explore to the Nature with your Children?


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“Hope you have the time to visit us for Local Cultural Tour”



How To get To our location?

  • Find us on google map “Visit Bali Family -Putu Artana and Ria”
  • WhatsApp us on +6282340719179 for more detail information